Ktmbazaar.com is a free classified ads website, specially designed for Nepalese people. This is the website based on buy-and-sell commodities like used or the new smartphone, computer and furniture. Even you can sell a home, land and other things through this site.

This site works in every region and districts in Nepal. If you want to change our devices or sell our equipment for cash, here, ktmbazaar helps to fulfill your desire. Just you need to login ktmbazaar via Facebook or register ktmbazaar.com/register through the registration process and make an account then quickly you can sell your goods. When you advertise your products at ktmbazaar all over the Nepal, whoever are interested in the particular product can see your advertise, and they contact you.


Ktmbazaar.com Never takes profits from seller

If you are a seller, you have full control on your profit that you make selling your commodities at this website. You can sell clothes, bags or shoes through this site quickly. You don’t need to pay any money to ktmbazaar, You just need to care about your customer and rest of all ktmbazaar does. So, it is easy to sell your new products in the market through this website.


Sell Anything you want

Yes, sell anything you want, anything means, used or new goods like Clothes, Car, Motorcycle, Smartphone or even you can advertise your business at ktmbazaar. 

***So, do you have anything used mobile or watches to sell… <<www.ktmbazaar.com>> here you can go and sell quickly. ***ktmbazaar-free-classified-ads-in-nepal


Ktmabzaar doesn’t involve in your transaction 

Ktmbazaar doesn’t participate in your selling transaction, or if you are a buyer you need to be careful about who is selling goods, and if you are a seller, you need to confirm who is selling. Just be safe and secure when dealing with money. Doing transaction in public places is safer.